Our team of chemists, physicists, engineers and biologists offers research and development services for innovative processes and products for applications in medicine, as well as services for physical, chemical, morphological, mechanical and biological tests and characterizations on materials and devices. For over 20 years we have been developing and patenting bioactive calcium phosphate-based medical devices in the form of 3D implants and injectable pastes for applications in the regeneration of tissues, particularly of the musculoskeletal system (Simone SprioMonica Sandri), and nanostructured compounds specifically designed for the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases (Michele Iafisco).

The vision of our team has always been based on continuous interaction with the clinical and industrial sector for the development of solutions targeted at specific clinical needs, starting from the process of synthesis of new materials up to the prototype, subsequently supporting the scale-up industrial path and supporting the translation to the clinic through technical-scientific advisors and through appropriate management of intellectual property. Our team carries out commissioned advisory activities provided in the form of seminars and courses, aimed in particular at surgeons and companies, to illustrate the relevant characteristics of medical products and devices resulting from the research conducted in ISTEC, in terms of physico-chemical properties, structural, mechanical and biological in relation to functional performance in the operating environment.

ISTEC also supports the regulatory process of its products during the transfer to the market. Through specific advices, the critical aspects related to the physical-chemical characteristics of the product, relevant for the certification of medical devices, are identified already in the product design and development phases, so as to provide the company with useful information to undertake the most effective strategy development and marketing.