Our agile research and development capability allows us to work out how to take advantage of rapidly emerging needs. Using our technical expertise we offer trusted advice and guidance on the implications and benefits of advanced technical ceramics and related manufacturing technologies. They range from new applications of already known materials through to the design of an entirely new process or product. For example, we supports customers interested to develop or improve capabilities of materials that can be used as components of mechanical seals in the automotive sector or as heat exchangers, cermets for cutting tools, and multifunctional electroconductive composites. Sensitive piezoelectric ceramic sensors can directly be coupled to the tool bit, able to withstand stresses that the latter endures and transmits to the sensor, the latter being expected to output a strong voltage signal to be used in the digital monitoring and active control of the cutting process. The spectrum of solutions is wide and varies from oxides zirconia and alumina), silicon nitride )to silicon carbide, depending on the functional requirements requested (Frederic Monteverde).