CNR-ISTEC has a long experience of collaboration with companies in the ceramic supply chain in research and development projects at an industrial level.
A distinctive feature is the willingness to support industrial partners in the challenges of process and product innovation, providing targeted scientific and technological consultancy (Chiara Zanelli, Michele Dondi). Areas of intervention of the CNR-ISTEC are:
Development of innovative products. Design, testing and characterization of ceramic building materials (tiles, bricks, refractories, tableware, sanitary ware, light aggregates).
Development of new formulations and improvement of the performance of industrial products. Characterization and development of new building and furnishing systems, in particular ceramic and inorganic and hybrid composite tiling, for example made with large slabs and thin thicknesses.
Study and development of innovative processes. Evaluation of the dependence of the properties of finished and semi-finished products on the processing conditions. Influence of process variables on the main chemical-physical and technological properties of ceramic materials.
New decoration technologies. Development of inks, pigments, glazes, ceramic effects and their synthesis and functionalization procedures to improve their yield, stability and durability in the ceramic process.
Enhancement of raw and secondary materials: characterization and development of new deposits and uses of raw materials for ceramics, as well as recycling of industrial waste and by-products in ceramic production.