The Electric and Magnetic Characterization Laboratory at CNR-ISTEC employs an array of electronic instruments and software solutions to characterize the dielectric, piezoelectric and magnetic properties of ceramic materials, also providing tailored measurement solutions and DAQ capabilities throughout the Institute. Laboratory’s instrumentation includes general-purpose, flexible USB/GPIB interfaced instruments such as digital function generators, oscilloscopes, multimeters (Keysight, Agilent, Keithley) and AC/DC high voltage amplifiers (TREK). Measurements and DAQ/DP solutions employing multiple instrument units exploit proprietary or self-developed NI LabView® software. Piezoelectric characterization-specific instruments include an anechoic chamber (Brüel & Kjaer Type 4232) and a 1-400 pC/N d33 meter (Sinocera). Specialized instrumentation is also available for characterizing the dielectric strength and conductivity of very resistive materials, both in the DC (HP 4329A) and AC (HIOKI 3158) regime. Frequency response analysis can be carried out in the Laboratory between 100 Hz and 4.5 GHz, for both dielectric and piezoelectric characterization purposes.