Design and validation of nanostructured biomimetic devices loaded with drugs for the treatment and regeneration of metastatic bone tumour

Principal investigator: Monica Montesi
Involved personnel: Simone Sprio, Massimiliano Dapporto, Marta Tavoni, Elisabetta Campodoni

Administrative manager: Laura Mengozzi

Starting date: 19/07/2019
Duration: 24 months
Total funding: 1,117,084 €
Call: POR-FESR 2019-2021 – S3 Industrie Della Salute E Del Benessere
Coordinator: Toni Ibrahim (IRST IRCCS Meldola)
Consortium: 5 partner (Emilia-Romagna)


This project aims to develop and validate medicated biomimetic devices starting from cutting-edge technologies in the field of tissue regeneration, including porous implants with a hierarchically organized structure and biomechanical characteristics of natural bone, injectable calcium-based phosphates pastes mixed with natural polymers, and devices with unique structural properties derived from biomorphic transformation processes of the wood. These three devices will be functionalized with a bone target molecule (inhibiting bone resorption) and an anticancer drug, which have proven to be effective in the treatment of bone metastases, in order to obtain medicated implants that associate the local treatment of the disease with the regeneration stimuli of the heathy bone matrix. The implants will be tested biologically and mechanically in culture systems of stabilized tumour and bone cells and primary cultures from patients with bone metastases. The final goal will be the validation of the devices, with particular focus on their integration ability, osteosynthesis and eradication of tumour cells, in ex vivo samples of bone metastases.