Lara Faccani Thesis won the ESG Challenge Iren 2023 prize!

We are proud to inform you that our ECRs, Lara Faccani, won the prize “ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Challenge Iren 2023” for the best 10 thesis dealing with the topic of sustainability and ESG challenges. The thesis is entitled “NANO – PHOTOCATALYSTS: DESIGN, UP – SCALE AND CHARACTERISATION MODELS” and it was written by Lara Faccani, under the supervision of the ASINA Project Coordinator Anna Luisa Costa and Simona Ortelli and coordinated by Prof. Enrico Dalcanale, for her Master thesis dissertation at the University of Parma – PhD in Material Science and Technology.

We are happy to share this result because the research of ASINA and, in particular, the fundamental contribution given by Massimo Perrucca (Case study for the multi-objective optimization of different photocatalysts) and Irini Furxhi (Machine Learning Tool applied to pro-oxidative potential of different photocatalysts), inspired this work and allowed her to improve the quality and relevance of her Ph.D Thesis results.

So, congratulations to Lara and a special thanks to Massimo and Irini, but also to ASINA projects and its beautiful partners.

Read the thesis abstract.