Cnr Istec at Didacta 2022

On 20 and 22 May Cnr Istec will take part in Didacta, the most important exhibition on innovation in the world of the School.
Researchers of Cnr Istec will present two engaging training events for teachers of primary and secondary schools and valid for the issue of a certificate of attendance for training activities.

The immersive Workshop immersivo “Che forza il cioccolato” (in Italian), which will be proposed to high school teachers, conveys information on the classification and mechanics of materials by carrying out a three-point bending test with different types of chocolate bars (milk, dark, hazelnut, etc.). Experience allows students to understand that materials respond to mechanical stress based on their composition, microstructure and on the shape of the component. Bending tests with chocolate bars are an excellent example of how the manufacturing process can modify their microstructure and, therefore, also their mechanical properties.

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The seminar “Ossa, energia solare, navicelle spaziali: let’s do ceramics” (in Italian) will teach primary school teachers simple hands-on experiences that can be reproduced in the classroom, which have ceramics as a common denominator.
The experiences are about the creation of smart capsules for the transport of drugs and for nanomedicine, the determination of the conductivity of conductive and insulating materials, the reproduction of the chemical bonds of ceramics as a function of temperature.

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For information, contact Valentina Biasini