Materiali compositi a base di fibre C con matrice ultrarefrattaria ad alta tenacità e resistenza all’ablazione

RIF.: 10464

Inventori: D. Sciti, V. Medri, L. Zoli

Titolari: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


An object of this invention is the fabrication of a composite material composed of a ultrarefractory ceramic matrix (based on ZrB2, or HfB2 and containing low amounts of SiC- WC particles, and sintering agents) and high modulus C fibres (continuous or chopped)  with high fracture toughness and resistance to ablation. These composites can be prepared using various infiltration or mixing techniques to introduce fibres into a refractory matrix or for infiltrating a fibre preform with a refractory ceramic slurry. The composite is subsequently sintered, with or without addition of sintering aids, with or without the application of mechanical or gas pressure. The composites exhibit a damage tolerant behaviour, an outstanding resistance to erosion/ablation at high temperature and self-healing capability.

Contatto: Diletta Sciti