Microstructure and texture

Available instrument
BRUKER ContourGT-K 3D Optical Microscope
The Bruker ContourGT K-3D optical microscope is a compact and extremely versatile instrument.
 Interferometro a luce bianca
 Bruker ContourGT-K 3D optical microscope

This equipment is used for:
• topographical surface analysis, also for large areas (100 cm2), with determination of multiple roughness parameters (Ra, Rq, Sa, Sq etc.);
• film thickness measurements also in case of transparent films;
• flatness and warping measurements;
• 2D and 3D reconstructions of the analyzed surfaces;
The instrument is characterized by a vertical resolution of <0.01 nm, lateral resolution of 0.01 μm and a RMS repeatability of 0.01 nm; in addiction it is equipped with two objectives with different magnification (5x and 50x) and three optional zoom lenses (0.55, 1 and 2). Thanks to these characteristics and to the fully automated stage it is possible to make extremely accurate and less time consuming analysis.
Ricostruzione 3D
3D reconstruction of a screen-printed film onto a glass substrate