Powder synthesis and treatment

Ball mill, vibrating mill, planetary mill, attrition mill, mixing rollers, ultrasonic milling, spray driers, freeze drier, mixer with 3D motion, rotary evaporator, vibration screening systems, ultrasonic probe dispersion equipment, electric heaters, atomiser .

Shaping technologies

Extruder, slip casting, pressure casting, low pressure injection molding, tape caster, linear hydraulic presses, cold isostatic press, extruder dyes.

Firing technologies

Furnaces in air up to 1800°C, furnaces in vacuum or controlled atmosphere up to 2150°C., hot pressing in vacuum, tubular furnace for thermal treatments up to 1600°C in reducing atmosphere.

Microstructural, physical and chemical characterisation  

Optical and stereo microscopes, scanning electron microscope (SEM) with energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS), multi-mode STEM detection system, X-ray diffractometers (high temperature device), plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES), particle size analysers, mercury porosimeter, specific surface area facility.


Heating microscope, simultaneous thermal analyzers, linear thermo-dilatometric analyzer.

Rheology and study of dispersed systems

Rheometer and viscometer systems, electroacoustic spectroscope, electrophoretic mobility measurement system.

Mechanical and tribological characterisation

Universal servo-mechanical testing machines for the measurement of flexural or compressive strength from room temperature up to 1500°C in air or controlled atmosphere, systems for the measurement of static fatigue up to 1500°C, fracture toughness, elastic constants, micro and macro-durometers, nano-indenter, tribometer (disk-on-pin configuration), facility for measurement of thermal impact resistance, contact stylus type instrument for the determination of surface roughness.

Electrical characterisation

Impedance analyzer, high resistivity meter, polariser for piezoelectric materials

Photo-electrochemical characterisation

Electrochemical workstation for materials (film, nanoparticle, solution), for devices (Dye Sensitized Solar Cell, battery, electrochemical systems); Solar Simulator; Photovoltaic spectral response EQE, IQE