Research activities at CNR-ISTEC deal with:

  • building and construction materials, mainly clay-based ceramics. Recent innovations focus on the  design and development of light components with reduced thickness and desired aesthetic features.
  • ceramics for technical and structural application: oxides and non-oxides based materials, ceramic-ceramic and metal-ceramics composites for a variety of technical and engineering application. Developments of prototypes for several industrial sectors like mechanics, energy, transportation, aerospace and electronics.
  • ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs, melting point range 3000K-4200K) are extremely interesting for thermal protections and propulsion in aerospace applications and for very high temperature industrial processes.
  • geopolymers are ceramic-based composites which consolidate at low temperature through a cheap polymerization process, that is environmental friendly and low energy consuming. These materials are used as refractory linings and bindings for thermal, acoustic and fireproof insulation.

For the above mentioned classes of materials, the activities start from materials design, selection of raw powders, set-up of processing procedures (forming / sintering / machining), characterization of microstructure, evaluation of mechanical properties up to high temperature, oxidation and corrosion resistance.

Chemico-physical and aesthetical features of surfaces can be modified through the deposition of coatings, glazes or inks, able to provide the materials (ceramics, composites, metals, textiles) of new functionalities and improved performances.