Pannelli compositi

RIF.:10393 (Modello d'utilità)

Inventori: E. Landii, V. Medri, A. Natali Murri

Titolari: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


The value-added products are chemically consolidated ceramic-like (geopolymer) composites based on wool wastes.  Composites are made with volume ratios fiber / matrix varying between 10 and 90 and into complex shapes (panels, tapes, etc.) using different molding techniques, such as infiltration, casting mold, impregnation. The matrix acts as a binder for the fibers and the consolidation is chemical with curing temperatures not above 80 ° C.
The value-added products allow:
- To reduce the amount of landfilled wool wastes, thus lowering their environmental impact;
- To support farmers and shepherds by providing them with a profitable way to rid and valorize their wastes;
- To induce and promote local economies, suggesting solutions adaptable to a small-scale process chain;
- To reduce transportation costs, and relative environmental impact, of wool waste from production/origin site to regularized landfill sites;
- To exploit unused waste resource and their properties to replace un-renewable, costly or unsafe resources in different application fields, namely the sustainable building materials and furnishing/fine design sectors.

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