Implants for load bearing bone substitutions having hierarchical organized architecture deriving from transformation of vegetal structures

RIF.: 10074 (HK1196786)

Inventori: A. Tampieri, S. Sprio, A. Ruffini, J. Julia Will, P. Peter Greil, F. Frank Mueller, J. Julian Fernandez Jmartinez, C. Carmen Raya Torres, F.M. Manuel Francisco Feria Varela, J. Joaquin Rico Ramirez, Marie-Francoise Harmand

Titolari: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (concesso in licenza)

Descrizione (dal documento corrispondente WO2012063201A1)

The present invention relates to a bone substitute comprising a core based on hydroxyapatite (HA), obtained from at least one porous wood, or based on collagen fibres and hydroxyapatite, and a shell, based on hydroxyapatite (HA) or silicon carbide (SiC), obtained from at least one wood having a lower porosity than the at least one wood of the core. The porous wood has a total porosity of between 60% and 95%, preferably between 65% and 85%, and it is selected from amongst the choices of rattan, pine, abachi and balsa wood. The wood of the shell has a porosity of between 20% and 60%, preferably between 30% and 50%. The bone substitute is utilized for the substitution and regeneration of bone, preferably for bones subjected to mechanical loads, such as long bones of the leg and arm, preferably the tibia, metatarsus, femur, humerus or radius.

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